Artwork at Cal Anderson Park features nine-foot portraits of locals

“The People Make This Park” is on display through September

A view of colorful cut-out portraits of people (and one dog) in front of Seattle's Cal Anderson Park

The portraits are on display at Cal Anderson through September.

Courtesy of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Hey, did you meet our new Capitol Hill friends? They’re flat-out cool. A temporary arts installation called “The People Make This Park” at Cal Anderson seeks to highlight the human connections to public spaces.

Seattle-based artist Jean Bradbury created the nine-foot, full-body portraits of real-life locals, and placed them alongside quotes taken from their interviews about what land + place means to them.

The installation was built through the city’s new Arts in Parks program that hosts temporary works across several local parks.

You can check out the Cal Anderson installation through September, but be on the lookout for a shiny chrome sculpture at Westcrest + a kinetic toy theater at Pritchard Island Beach, too. They’re all part of the same initiative — and make the perfect backdrop for a colorful picnic.

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