Where to find tasty eggnog in Seattle

‘Tis the season for creamy drinks. 🥛

A glass of eggnog next to a eggs and other ingredients

Sol Liquor’s popular aged eggnog still looks as youthful as ever.

Photo via Sol Liquor Lounge

Roaring fire? Check. Ridiculous holiday sweater. Absolutely. Now, time for the eggnog...

The popular holiday drink is typically made using eggs, milk, heavy cream, sugar, and is often spiked with brandy — and maybe even a dash of nutmeg. Yum.

In Seattle, local bars make great spins on the classic every year, from aged versions to ube — here’s where to get your ‘nog on. 🎄

  • Sol Liquor | The bar’s famed aged eggnog is only available in limited quantities from Saturday Dec. 17 to Sunday, Dec. 25.
  • The Doctor’s Office | Try the cocktail den’s super boozy reposado tequila and sherry version.
  • Baker’s | The “egg nog riot” lives up to its name.
  • Hood Famous Cafe + Bar | Grab ready-made ube eggnog right from the cafe’s fridge.
  • Oddfellows | There’s large, 32-oz bottles of the stuff made with the cafe’s original spice mix.
  • Hollywood Tavern | Woodinville’s grill serves a vanilla shake take with local bourbon.
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