Best places to find larches near Seattle

Don’t just leaf peep, larch march.

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 11.39.55 AM.png

Larch season should continue for another couple of weeks before the needles fall.

Photo by @kelseynoonan

As lovers of conifer trees, it’s no wonder larch season is such a big deal to Seattleites.

Larches are 1 of 20 species of deciduous conifers in the world. Every year, they change color from emerald green to a stunning gold, making them stand out against the landscape.

Larches prefer sunny environments, so you’ll have to make a drive over to the east side of the Cascades to see them in a natural setting, but some local parks have options for those looking to avoid a road trip.

🌲 Washington Park Arboretum | Keep an eye out for larches along the park’s Azalea Way.

🌲 Carne Mountain | This hike is no small matter with its steep climbs, but have no fear — the larch viewing opportunities are worth it

🌲 Swauk Forest Discovery Trail | This trail is perfect for those who would prefer a larch stroll with 25 educational stops and plenty of benches.

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