5 Terrific Seattle Podcasts to Binge

Listen up.

A microphone with the KEXP logo on the front against a darkened studio.

KEXP’s “Sound & Vision” features narratives from indie music stars. | Photo by Nataworry Photography

Need quality ear candy to binge while you’re traveling for the holidays, or just chillin’? We’ve rounded up Seattle-based podcasts run by local talent on a variety of subjects.

Pro tip: While some of these can be streamed directly from their official websites, you can also find them on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud + other platforms.

🎙️ Sound & Vision | Iconic indie rock station KEXP specializes in “behind the music” narratives with a variety of panelists + guests, including Mudhoney bassist Guy Maddison who talked about his stint as a nurse during COVID.

  • Latest episode: KEXP DJ Larry Mizell, Jr. honors some of the voices we lost in the hip-hop community recently. 18 minutes

🎙️ Dim Lights & Stiff Drinks | Local historian and “Seattle Prohibition” author Brad Holden, dives deep into the city’s colorful bar history with other experts. Pull up a stool.

  • Latest episode: Brad and his co-hosts explore West Seattle haunt Poggie Tavern, which has been going strong for decades. 38 minutes

🎙️ Mossback Northwest | A companion to the KCTS 9 video series, co-host Knute Berger highlights quirky and sometimes long-forgotten PNW tales that will make you the smartest person at your next party.

  • Latest episode: Knute trumpets the legacy of Frank Waldron, a Seattle great from the early 20th century who influenced other legends. 25 minutes

🎙️ Seedcast | This show, produced by nonprofit Nia Tero in partnership with the South Seattle Emerald, discusses the experiences of Indigenous groups in the PNW and around the world.

  • Latest episode: Clay pottery artist Katsitsionni Fox talks about her ancestral inspiration and how others are sharing the teachings across tribes. 28 minutes

🎙️ Spilled Milk | Local writers/comedians Molly Wizenberg + Matthew Amber-Burston riff about food, often with some deliciously raucous tangents.

  • Latest episode: It’s all about the gooey delights of Philly cheesesteaks — and what sets the best ones apart. 39 minutes
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