Chihuly exhibit ‘Winter Brilliance’ gets new, immersive components

Chihuly Garden and Glass becomes a real winter wonderland

image003 (2).jpg

The glass pieces are inspired by the beauty of icicles.

Photo via Chihuly Garden and Glass

Legendary Seattle artist Dale Chihuly‘s works are already absolutely stunning — but this spin puts them all in a glass of their own.

From now until Tuesday, Feb. 28, Chihuly Garden and Glass presents “Winter Brilliance,” an exhibit that incorporates audio and video projections to enhance the sculptures.

The concept was originally created for Barney’s New York flagship store for its annual holiday window display and includes ~700 chandeliers, towers, reeds, and icicle-like clusters.

“I’ve worked with ice several times throughout my career. It’s one of my favorite materials, because of the way it works with light,” said Chihuly about the series. “It inspired me to create the icicle form.”

Tickets for the exhibit range from $19-32.

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