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6 a-mews-ing Seattle businesses inhabited by cats

Got kitty fever? These cafes, bookstores, and more around town have resident cats ready for some love.

A tuxedo cat sits with its paws on the window sill, looking out from a cat cafe in Capitol Hill. He is wearing an adorable floral bandana around his neck.

Danny Phantom, a permanent resident at Neko Cat Cafe, waits very patiently for his pets.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

Seattle might be a city full of dog lovers, but it’s also a haven for feline fanatics — we even have our own annual cat convention.

Cats have also infiltrated several of our most-loved local businesses. Here’s where you can find some feline friends working around the clock to make your day.

Panama Hotel and Tea House | 605 S. Main St., Chinatown-International District
Give a chin scratch to Miu-Miu, the cat that likes to hang out at this historic building and cafe in Seattle’s Japantown.

The Whole Cat and Kaboodle | 202 Kirkland Ave., Kirkland
This pet store offers services for cats including grooming, boarding, food + toys, plus a lounge full of adoptable kitties you can snuggle — and maybe take home.

Buster, a gray cat in Twice Sold Tales Bookshop in Seattle, looks a lil bit grouchy as someone goes to the desk for check out. How dare they interrupt his sacred space.

This is Buster’s face when you interrupt his dinner time.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

Twice Sold Tales | 1833 Harvard Ave., Capitol Hill
This maze of a bookstore is stacked full of well-priced used titles + a family of resident cats — just don’t bother Buster while he eats (he takes his food very seriously).

Seattle Meowtropolitan | 1225 N. 45th St., Wallingford
This cat cafe was Seattle’s first when it opened in 2015. Stop by for beverages + pastries, kitty-themed merch, and adoptable cats from Regional Animal Services of King County in the lounge.

A cake pop is shaped like a white cat, with an adorable face illustrated with frosting lines. The top of the cat's head is topped with sprinkles.

Neko Cat Cafe serves cake pops and cookies shaped like cats — an adorable treat for cat lovers.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

Ophelia’s Books | 3504 Fremont Ave. N., Fremont
Peruse the shelves of this secondhand bookstore for eclectic titles and keep an eye out for some sneaky pals — this spot has plenty of nooks and crannies for its live-in cats.

Neko Cat Cafe | 519 E. Pine St., Capitol Hill
Stop by for a drink or attend one of the cafe’s cat-tastic events, just don’t forget to pay your respects to the real owners of the establishment — the residents + adoptables in the Cat Room.

If you’re looking for more meet ups with Seattle’s cat lovers, check out some upcoming listings.

If you want a furry friend as your permanent pal, check out some of these shelters in Seattle for adoptable cats — and dogs, we don’t discriminate. But like... read the room.

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