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Seattle’s famous “Triangle House” hits the real estate market

Also known as the “Egan House,” this memorable Capitol Hill home designed by renowned architect Robert Reichert can be yours for less than $1 million.

The "triangle house" or the "Egan House" sits as quite a contrast to the greenery behind it with its black and white, angular design.

We think we saw in the small print somewhere that its required to own either an Italian greyhound or a dalmatian when you live here.

Photo via Clarity Northwest

Turns out that life can look a little black and white if you live in the Egan House.

This famous Capitol Hill home (also referred to as the “Triangle House”) was designed by Seattle architect Robert G. Reichert, who was known for his buildings being more sculptural than functional. It’s one of several of his works in the area. But this one — which is also a designated landmark — is for sale for less than $1 million.

This interior shot of the Egan House shows the living area, which reflects the same black and white color scheme of the outside of the building. It's a very modern color palette, but with a mid-century feel.

The Egan House’s interior reflects exactly what the outside implies it might look like.

Photo via Clarity Northwest

The digs

Sitting at the edge of a Capitol Hill green belt at 1500 Lakeview Blvd. E., this home stands starkly against the green vegetation behind it (no need to worry about your guests getting confused about which house is yours). And while you’ll get the bragging rights that come with owning a designated landmark, this home also comes with:

  • Two bedrooms, two bathrooms
  • A spacious second-floor deck
  • Wood-burning stove (for extra romanticism)
  • In-unit washer and dryer
  • Cool vibes
The side view of the Egan House shows it's narrow structure and a little pop of color that's worked onto the side of the deck.

The side view of the Egan House shows it’s narrow structure and a little pop of color that’s worked onto the side of the deck.

Photo via Clarity Northwest

A little history

Reichert was born in Fargo, North Dakota but spent his childhood and early adult life in Minneapolis. After getting his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, he moved on to Harvard where he would receive his Master’s in Architecture. Reportedly, in addition to his love for building design, he also had an obsession with organ music.

His love for romantic artistic expression continued through his work, where he established his bold style that contrasted greatly from the typical designs of the 1950s.

The Egan House, built in 1958 and named for the building’s first resident, was one of several of Reichert’s notable works. Others include his own Queen Anne home and the Robert Eckman House.

Interested in seeing the funky abode for yourself? Reach out to the agent.

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