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Amazing Airbnb and Vrbo rentals around Seattle

Check out some of the coolest, most unique Airbnb and Vrbo rentals around Seattle and plan for your next adventure or staycation.

pool house2.png

We suddenly need a staycation in this pool house stat.

Photo via Airbnb

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Whether you’re looking to visit Seattle in style for the weekend or are a local in need of an unforgettable staycation, we’ve compiled a list featuring 16 of some extraordinary rentals in the Emerald City that are worthy of a trip for you, your partner, the bestie, or the whole squad this year.

Just a heads up: Prices may vary depending on dates selected, taxes, and booking and cleaning fees (sorry, Airbnb and Vrbo make the rules, we just follow them).


12th floor condo.png

It’s got “trip to New York City” vibes, but on a budget.

Photo via Airbnb

12th Floor Condo with Private Balcony
Regardless of why you may be looking to make a quick escape into the city, this beautiful, lofty space that comes with a stunning view of Second Avenue is perfect for immersing yourself in urban life.

  • $86 a night
  • 1 BD | 1 BA
  • Free parking on premises, hot tub, pool, washer and dryer, dedicated workspace
waterfront condo.png

With such big windows, you may just want to be careful about what you do with open blinds.

Photo via Vrbo

Waterfront Condo
Why, yes — that IS the Seattle Great Wheel poking out in the view behind this living room. You literally could not be any closer to the downtown/Pike Place action.

  • $271 a night
  • 1 BD | 1 BA
  • Fireplace, hot tub, air conditioning, washer and dryer


Two bedroom home.png

There’s a lot of space here, for a pretty small price tag.

Photo via Vrbo

Opportunistic two- bedroom home
Save your money for the adventures you’re going to have out of this two bedroom home in Lawton Park. It’s cozy, has lots of space, and will leave your pocketbook a little fuller.

  • $75 per night
  • 2 BD | 2 BA
  • Pets allowed, on-site parking, sun room


beautiful condo.png

We’re suddenly in the mood to put on some records.

Photo via Airbnb

Beautiful Condo Close to Downtown
This space screams modernized mid-century modern. Grab your funky shades and your favorite mod dress before spending the evening in style.

  • $150 a night
  • 3 BD | 3 BA
  • City skyline view, pets allowed, free parking on premises, air conditioning, balcony

Doesn’t everyone’s dream home have a private, heated, indoor pool?

Photo via Vrbo

Custom Built Oasis in Bainbridge
Being in the woods definitely doesn’t mean you have to “rough it.” This Bainbridge Island spot comes with all the bits and pieces — like an indoor pool, hot tub, and giant fireplace — to make for a truly glamorous getaway from the city.

  • $444 per night
  • 4 BD | 2 BD
  • Heated indoor pool, hot tub, fireplace, pets allowed, washer and dryer, grill, on-site parking


hot tub.png

But imagine how nice this would be after a long day of sight-seeing.

Photo via Airbnb

Cheerful Two-Bedroom Home
Are the ‘rents coming into town? There’s enough space either to join them (and take advantage of that killer hot tub) or let them and their weird Pomeranian be in their own home.

  • $129 a night
  • 2 BD | 2 BA
  • Private hot tub, free parking on premises, pets allowed, WiFi
pool house.png

There’s plenty of room at the table for big family meals and the kiddos will love experimenting on that piano.

Photo via Airbnb

Mercer Island Pool House
Looking for a place for that family reunion? Look no further — the kiddos will love the private pool yard, the older generations can cozy up next to the fireplace, and you can find some peace in the main bathroom’s giant bathtub.

  • $135 a night
  • 4 BD | 4 BA
  • Private heated outdoor pool, washer and dryer, fast WiFi, private backyard, children’s dinnerware and toys, indoor fireplace


ritz belltown.png

We can confirm — there is no other listing like this in Seattle.

Photo via Airbnb

The Ritz Belltown
This space is practically begging for a photoshoot with all of its mid-century modern decorations, neon lighting, and funky plants.

  • $115 a night
  • 1 BD | 1 BA
  • City skyline view, walking distance to Pike Place Market, free parking on the premises

What’s a safari without a few, very cute jungle cats?

Photo via Vrbo

Cozy Banana Cabana
This is definitely a two-vibe kind of rental with fairytale, cottagecore dreams on the outside and a tropical beach aesthetic on the inside. Lots of character = lots of fun.

  • $136 a night
  • 1 BD | 1 BA
  • Outdoor fire pit, two kayaks and a canoe, heated floors

We can hear the pipe flute from here.

Photo via Vrbo

Cozy Hobbit House on Bainbridge
This one’s for our “Lord of the Rings” fans or folks who want to glamp, but don’t want to buy a tent. This rental puts you right in the great outdoors — just be aware, that also means you don’t have a shower.

  • $78 per night
  • 1 BD | 1 half bath
  • Fire pit, parking on site, disc golf set

Great Views


Hey — I can see my house from here.

Photo via Airbnb

Cozy, Brand New Townhome
Falling asleep underneath the twinkling city lights sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?

  • $132 a night
  • 2 BD | 2 BA
  • Free street parking, city skyline and mountain views, pets allowed
lake view.png

Boat watching is almost as interesting as people watching.

Photo via Airbnb

Unbeatable Lake View
Uh, yeah — this listing’s name isn’t kidding. We’re about ready to sign-up ourselves just so we can enjoy a glass of wine over Lake Union.

  • $100 a night
  • 1 BD | 1 BA
  • Free parking on premises, WiFi, dedicated workspace
rooftop 2.png

Who doesn’t love a private, rooftop view?

Photo via Airbnb

Water and Needle View Townhome
Okay, but hear us out — you, your partner, a bottle of wine, and a stunning rooftop view? That’s amore.

  • $146 a night
  • 2 BD | 1.5 BA
  • Free parking on premises, washer and dryer, air conditioning, WiFi
alki beach house.png

The salty breeze wafting off the ocean should help ease any tension in your shoulders.

Photo via Airbnb

Alki Beach House
Not only are you literal steps away from the beach, but you get to look at it anytime you want to in this home with all of those panoramic windows.

  • $256 a night
  • 2 BD | 2 BA
  • Beach access, free parking on premises, free TV streaming, dedicated workspace

Island Getaway

beach cottage.png

I mean, the water is RIGHT THERE.

Photo via Airbnb

Beach Cottage on Vashon
Being frugal doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t enjoy the finer things in life — like physical distance from your office. This little Vashon Island cottage is super close to the ferry system and includes a balcony right over the water.

  • $62 a night
  • 1 BD | 1 BA
  • Beach access, pets allowed, free street parking, private balcony, dedicated workspace

This is the perfect balcony for dramatic, windblown shots of your hair.

Photo via Vrbo

Charming Waterfront Home on Bainbridge
If you open up the windows in this home, we imagine you’d be able to hear the waves crashing down on the pebbly beach outside. You also get a fantastic view of downtown Seattle across the bay for those who get homesick.

  • $151 per night
  • 2 BD | 2 BA
  • Furnished deck, beach access, grill, waterfront views
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