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The ultimate road trip to Portland, OR

Hit the road and head to Portland, Oregon — we’re sharing all the details about what to do and eat, plus where to stay.


Welcome to the City of Roses.

Photo by Justin Shen

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Itching to get out of town, Seattleites? Skip those pesky airport security lines and jump in your car for a road trip to Portland, Oregon instead. From touring thousands of rose bushes at the International Rose Test Garden to twirling pasta at Montelupo — we’re spilling all the details on how to have an unforgettable time in the City of Roses.

📍 Essential info

Drive time: ~2.5 hours
Year city was established: 1851
Est. population: 641,162


And just wait until you see what view the Pittock Mansion has of downtown Portland.

Photo by PDXtoday Staff

🎟️ Experience

International Rose Test Garden
This 4.5-acre garden of 10,000 rose bushes and 615 different varieties looks like something straight out of a fairytale. As the name suggests, it’s also performing a very important duty as being a test site for new kinds of blooms.

Pittock Mansion
In addition to being a beautiful piece of architecture, this historic house and museum built in 1914 also comes with sweeping views of the city and interchanging art and history exhibits.

Powell’s City of Books
This is a must-do for any traveling bookworm — there are three floors and 10 rooms of shelves housing more than one million books.

🍔 Eat

Steeplejack Brewing
No need to feel guilty for drinking in church. The local brewery not only has tasty beers on draft, but you can sip and enjoy the beautiful architecture of this 1909 Universalist Unitarian church building.

Yummy food, bright atmosphere — werecommend getting the steamed sliders.

With sauce and pasta woven together with ingredients like truffle butter and “lots of parmesean,” this little Italian spot is sure to fill whatever carb cravings you may have.

download (2).png

We’re not sure where our eyes want to look first and we kinda love that.

Photo via Airbnb

🏨 Stay

The Benson
We all like a hotel that makes us go “whoooaaaa” when we walk in the lobby. This downtown stay has all the features of serious European luxury with Italian marbled floors, Austrian crystal chandeliers, and wooden detailing made from walnut trees in the imperial forests of Russia.

Contemporary Hideaway with Lovely Outdoor Space
This bright, open Airbnb has space for the kids, too. It’s also just a few minutes drive from Portland’s downtown area and the Pearl District.

Bold Bungalow/House of Sarcasm
If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind stay, look no further. This Airbnb listing’s vivid wall and ceiling murals are sure to enter your dreams while you rest during your weekend adventure.

Wait a minute, Seattleites. Before you head out the door, find the cheapest places to fill up your gas tank and stock up on road trip snacks from Ken’s Market. Also, bookmark this map so you have no trouble finding all of our recommendations while visiting Portland.

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