City of Seattle now has an AI usage policy

The policy applies to all government departments, staff, volunteers, and vendors.


Don’t worry — a giant robot isn’t actually taking over our city. AI generated this image for us.

Image AI generated in Canva

Worried about artificial intelligence (AI) taking over the town? It seems so was the City of Seattle.

Okay, we’re being a little silly, but local government officials have created a new AI policy to help guard against the spread of misinformation, potential bias, privacy, and security in its operations.

The policy includes rules like:

  • No text or other types of media generated by AI will be released to the public without being reviewed by a human first (a process called “Human in the Loop”).
  • Anything produced by an AI program should be attributed as such.
  • City employees must consult the city’s Racial Equity Toolkit to make sure any outputs are free of discrimination.
  • No data protected by the city’s classification guidelines should be inputted into an AI program.

These policies align with President Joe Biden’s executive order that’s intended to help regulate AI within the US government.