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Eastside Light Rail: public art works and popular stops

The Eastside Light Rail service opened for use on Saturday, April 27. Here are some stops to make along the route + what’s behind each station’s artwork.

A walkway bridge is lined with a large public art display, showcasing tiny swatches of various shades of green.

Leo Saul Berk’s “Verdanted” mimics Redmond’s forests with a palette of green phosphorescent monitors.

Photo courtesy of Sound Transit

As of Saturday, April 27, the Eastside Light Rail is up and running. These eight stops of the 2 Line are the first to open for the overall Eastside Link extension project, which will eventually connect the Chinatown-International District (and the rest of Seattle) to Redmond, Bellevue, and Kirkland.

So, what’s open now? Here are the currently operating stations + what they have in store for riders.

South Bellevue Station

Location: 2700 Bellevue Way SE

Featured artists: Katy Stone + Vicki Scuri
Stone’s “Slough Wave” adorns the parking garage’s rooftop and screens, inspired by the landscape features of Mercer Slough Nature Park. Scuri’s “Photo Synthesis” uses rotating abstract images along the sound barriers to mimic the area’s seasonal colors.

Popular stop: Mercer Slough Trail
Heritage Loop Trail starts just steps away from the station, with access to a charming footbridge + the historic Winters House.

Pro tip: A farm stand is in the works, which will sell fresh produce like blueberries from Mercer Slough Blueberry Farm.

East Main Station

Location: 229 112th Ave. SE

Featured artist: Celeste Cooning
Known for creating large-scale integrated art installations, Cooning’s project (still in the works) uses mid-century modern architecture and textiles to decorate the station’s fencing.

Popular stop: International Ballet Theatre
This intimate venue hosts performances from experienced and semi-professional dancers from the International Ballet Academy.

A series of colorful interlinking and nested stainless steel circles adorn the ceiling of this platform.

Sweeney’s “Journey and Connection” draws a comparison between the Apollonian gasket algorithm and the cyclical nature of a commuter’s daily journey.

Photo courtesy of Sound Transit

Bellevue Downtown Station

Location: 571 112th Ave. NE

Featured artists: Paul + Marina Marioni
The father-daughter duo completed projects in four areas for this station — “Woven Light,” “Light Rain,” “Ripples,” and “Moving.” They utilized glass panels and mirrored tiles to play with light and natural patterns.

Popular stop: The Shops at The Bravern
This European-inspired shopping plaza is home to a variety of restaurants, boutiques, and upscale retailers.

Wilburton Station

Location: 800 118th Ave. NE

Featured artist: Phillip K. Smith III
This artist from Southern California loves to play with light in his projects, and that includes this 40-foot tower (still in the works). The structure uses mirrored surfaces to reflect natural light during the day and internal lights at night to transform the sculpture.

Popular stop: I Love Sushi on Lake Bellevue
Snack on some fresh rolls made with fish sourced from local and Japanese fish markets — and make sure to get patio seating for a lake view.

SEAtoday_Dan Webb_Move Your Boulder

Webb’s “Move Your Boulder” features carvings modeled after the artist’s own hands, representing interdependence and collaboration.

Photo courtesy of Sound Transit

Spring District Station

Location: 1600 120th Ave. NE

Featured artist: Louie Gong
Artist and founder of Eighth Generation, Gong’s work titled “Dragon and Phoenix” adorns the station’s platform walls. The mural represents his Chinese and Nooksack heritage.

Popular stop: Dote Coffee Bar
Need a pick-me-up during your commute? This coffee shop right across the street from the station was founded by a coffee lover and renowned pastry chef/chocolatier.

BelRed Station

Location: 1500 130th Ave. NE

Featured artist: Patrick Marold
The “Wandering Line” gives an artistic touch to the platform guardrails, using minimalist stainless steel angles for a subtle elevation.

Popular stop: Facing East
Stop by this take-out only Taiwanese restaurant, which offers highly rated pork burgers, lunch specials + grab-and-go items if you’re in a pinch.

Two photos show construction workers in bright orange vests and yellow hardhads lowering a big stone shaped like a disk to the ground. To the right, someone in a dark jacket lounges on a modular-shaped stone painted blue.

Riders are encouraged to lounge on Nakamura’s organically-shaped concrete sculptures as they wait for their trains.

Photo courtesy of Sound Transit

Overlake Village Station

Location: 2801 152nd Ave. NE

Featured artists: Yuki Nakamura + Leo Saul Berk
Nakamura contributed 12 play-friendly sculptures to the station’s plaza, and Saul Berk decorated the pedestrian bridge with a vibrant display of green phosphorescent monitors.

Popular stop: Overlake Square
Inside this little cluster of shops, you’ll want to grab a pastry from Regent Bakery & Cafe or a quick bite at Chaat Corner.

Redmond Technology Station

Location: 15590 NE 36th St.

Featured artists: Kate Sweeney + Dan Webb
The transit center’s ceiling features Sweeney’s “Journey and Connection” — a stainless steel pattern of nested circles. Webb’s work “Move Your Boulder” is comprised of hands carved into large stones.

Popular stop: The Commons Mixer
Part of Microsoft’s corporate campus, this area has a large lawn, several restaurants, a barber shop, and a scenic walkway through the space.