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Seattle Chamber of Commerce finishes survey about back-to-office policies

Many companies are all-in on the hybrid work model.

A view of the Amazon spheres and Amazon's primary corporate headquarters in Seattle on Terry Avenue.

Amazon’s campus is filling with more workers after a newly implemented in-person work policy.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

How’s that commuter life going? Once Amazon started requiring that most of its corporate employees return to their offices at least three days a week, downtown has been much busier. Watch those elbows, folks.

In fact, the Seattle Chamber of Commerce just released results from its study that aimed to see exactly how back-to-work is going, surveying 221 company representatives. Here’s the downtown breakdown.

  • 83% of Seattle offices have gone with the hybrid work model.
  • 9% are fully remote and 8% are fully in-person.
  • 34% require workers to show up at the office at least three days a week.
  • The busiest day is Tuesday, with 85% of employees at the office.
  • The least popular day is Friday, with 40% of workers showing up. Well, duh.
  • Some of the perks companies reported for their in-office workers included informal team building, parking benefits, and free snacks. Pizza party, anyone?