Seattle City Council revs its engines on a potential I-5 lid project

The hope is that the new land bridges over the interstate would re-connect neighborhoods.


Advocates for the lid project hope that creating the land bridge could operate as new park or building space.

Photo by Atomic Taco via Wikimedia Commons

Seattle City Council has put a key into the ignition and approved a resolution for a new development project that would build a “lid” along I-5.

Lids are bridge-type structures that cross major roads to allow cities to turn unused space into something more interesting like parks or buildings.

While building such a lid has been talked about in public forums for a few years, this City Council move officially establishes support for the project and makes it easier for establish studies and plans.

Two specific stretches of road were mentioned in the resolution passed Tuesday night: the space over downtown between S. Dearborn Street + Thomas Street and one in the U District between NE 45th Street + NE 50th Street.

Next steps will still fall to government departments like the Seattle Department of Transportation and the city’s Office of Planning and Development. Keep a look out for more details in the coming months.