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Ready those ballots: Guide to Seattle’s 2023 General Election

Voting includes city and county councilmembers, school district directors, and fire department commissioners.

A hand holds a stack of mail-in ballots from King County Elections.

Yep — these are the envelopes you need to look for in your stack of junk mail.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

Table of Contents

Got those bubble-filling pens ready to go? King County’s Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 7, so you’ve got just under a week to return those ballots.

There are several propositions and 170+ positions on the ballot this go around. But don’t worry, you don’t have to make decisions on all of those — just the ones in your jurisdiction.

Here are the big races to note.

Ballot measures

Up for renewal is Seattle’s Affordable Housing Levy, which helps fund housing services for low income residents. If approved, the levy would be in place for seven years where it’s expected to raise ~$970 million over that timeframe.

This money would be used for:

  • The construction of 2,900 rental homes and renovations to 600 existing homes
  • Construction of 300 new affordable homes
  • Funds to help residents avoid evictions


Whew — there are a lot of choices to be made in this section. Some of the notable races include:

  • King County’s Director of Elections
  • Councilmember positions for the City of Seattle, King County, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, and several smaller towns within the county
  • Mayoral races in Redmond, Algona, Clyde Hill, Lake Forest Park, North Bend, Pacific, Renton, and Tukwila
  • Several School District Director positions across King County
  • Fire Department Commissioners

Made your choices? Make sure to mail back your ballot before or on Tuesday, Nov. 7, drop it off at one of several boxes around town, or visit a voting center if you need some help.