Nailed it: a guide to Seattle’s tool libraries

Save this for the next time something breaks.


Borrow a tool for a home project or use the library’s work space to get a job done.

Photo via King County

When things break and you don’t have the tools to fix ‘em, it can really throw a wrench in the works.

Luckily, tool libraries are here to solve just that problem. These community-driven centers allow locals to borrow everything from typical hammers and screwdrivers to more complex items like sewing machines and cider presses (most libraries define “tools” pretty loosely). The price is either a small donation or a membership.

Here are a few to check out the next time you need a little hand.

Ballard Tool Library | 7549-B 15th Ave. NW | $35-$100 annual membership | Along with plenty of tools, there are also a variety of books you can borrow to help you with your project.

Capitol Hill Tool Library | 1552 Crawford Pl. | Donation-based | This library’s on-hand staff is more than happy to give you any guidance or tips. Plus, they host lots of handy dandy events.

Northeast Seattle Tool Library | 10228 Fischer Pl. NE | Donation-based | This library has more than 8,000 tools in its catalog.

Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA) Tool Lending Library | 6615 Dayton Ave N. | Donation-based, only available to PNA members | This library is in the middle of expanding its craft section. It’s looking for donations of items like screen-printing kits and photo paper.

Southeast Seattle Tool Library | 4425 MLK Jr. Way S. | $50 membership, plus donations | Don’t have the space for a project at home? This library has plenty of room in its basic workshop for that thing you’re fixing.

West Seattle Tool Library | 4408 Delridge Way SW | Membership based | This nonprofit is in the middle of raising funds to replace tools stolen during a recent break-in. Why not help them out?