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What do you call Seattle’s long, dark season?

Apparently, it was the subject of some contention in a recent Instagram poll.

pexels-snapwire-336512 (1).jpg

Sorry if this photo causes winter flashbacks.

Photo via Pexels

Alright, alright. We heard you. We all have to Live, Laugh, Love and Learn sometimes.

A few weeks ago, we posted an Instagram Reel about how kinda goofy we get after breaking free of the winter doom and gloom — we almost died, okay? The joke included “The Big Dark,” a term that has been used in local news headlines for years — attributed to Dustin Guy of the National Weather Service Seattle as far back as 2017. However, commenters were quick to point out that locals don’t really use it in casual convo — and many had never even heard of it at all.

If our meme felt too “out of towner,” we must have been spending too much time sitting under our umbrella at Pike’s Place.

But we have a few questions for you all based on some of the feedback we received on this post. Help us out.