6 community gardens in Seattle, Washington

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Check out these Seattle community gardens. | Photo by Jonathan Hanna via Unsplash

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Now that spring is in full swing, we’re here to herb your enthusiasm with a roundup of community gardens to cultivate your green thumb.

Whether you’re looking to work with a group + share the fruit or solo grow your harvest, these local spots are tilled and ready to turnip this growing season. 🍅

Many community gardens offer seed share programs and community shared tool sheds, but check with each garden for specifics.

Note: All Seattle Deptartment of Neighborhoods community garden P-Patches have a wait time.

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🪴 Beacon Food Forest, 15th Ave S. & S. Dakota St.

⏰ Wait time: 1-2 years

This 27-plot, 27,000-sqft garden was founded in 2014 and is the largest public food forest in the nation. Known for its edible trees — such as fruit and nut trees + berry shrubs — it adds a woodland ecosystem to the southside of Seattle with the goal of Improving local food security + rehabilitating Seattle’s biodiversity.

🪴 Belltown Community Garden, Elliot Ave. + Vine St.

⏰ Wait time: 1-2 years

This 35-plot, 4,400 sq.-ft garden was founded in 1995 and is covered in artwork that brings functionality throughout its vegetable and flower plots + giving garden. The staple pieces — such as the ironwork that serves as a fence or the 20th century cottages that were once houses for waterfront workers — draw in visitors from all over the world that dock on the nearby waterfront.

🪴 Queen Anne Community Garden, 3rd Ave. N. & Lynn St.

⏰ Wait time: 1-2 years

This 73-plot, 15,000 sq.-ft garden was founded in 1994 and sits on the top of the hill at the head of the Wolf Creek Ravine. Once the site was chosen for the neighborhood’s garden, community members teamed up to clean over 30 years worth of built-up garbage on the land, and have now transformed it into a sustainably clean space with orchards and honeybees.

🪴Danny Woo Community Garden, 620 South Main St.

❤️ Volunteer opportunities
This 100-plot, 65,340-sqft garden was founded in 1975 as the largest green space in the International District, standing behind a row of trees near I-5. Enjoy the children’s garden, chicken coop, outdoor kitchen, and fruit tree orchard at the space.

🪴 University District Community Garden, 4009 8th Ave. NE

⏰ Wait time: 0-6 months

This 46-plot, 14,400-sqft garden was founded in 1975 and the walkability + photo opportunities within the space make it a welcoming environment for green thumbs and visitors alike. Stop by to see the flowers and herbs spilling onto the sidewalks + dwarf apple trees around the parking spots.

🪴 Ravenna Community Garden, 5200 Ravenna Ave. NE

⏰ Wait time: 6-12 months
This 18-plot, 2,200-sqft garden was founded in 1981 and designed by the Seattle Engineering Dept. — and its got some fabulous plum trees + tomatoes. The space has also naturalized the nearby hillside with daffodils and tulips.

Start your own community garden and design + build one with the Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods through the P-Patch program.

Or if you’re looking to spruce up your own yard, shop trees, shrubs, and more that are perfect for growing right here in Zone 8B all shipped right to your front door.*