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PNW celebrates 15th anniversary of ‘Twilight’ movie release

Here’s where Seattle makes its cameos throughout the series and some places you might still find vampires.

A sign that reads "The city of Forks welcomes you"

This sign which greets so many visitors was also featured in the blockbuster film.

Photo by cascadevideoproductions via Wikimedia Commons

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You better hold on tight, spider monkeys — tomorrow, Nov. 21 marks the 15th anniversary of when the hit vampire flick “Twilight” hit the big screen. Thanks to the blockbuster movie (and bestselling books), PNW became even more famous for our moody, “near constant cloud covered” skies.

While a majority of the series is set in Forks, Seattle makes appearances in quite a few places. Here’s where we get our cameos.

Hey, that’s us

  • Bella’s quite familiar with Sea-Tac Airport. It’s where she first arrives in Washington and where she later makes departures to Phoenix and Volterra, Italy.
  • In the first movie, Bella mulls a trip to Seattle to check out a “good bookstore” as a way to avoid her classmates’ romantic advances. Maybe she was thinking about Elliott Bay Book Company?
  • In “Eclipse,” the third book and movie, a rival vampire coven takes over the city and becomes responsible for a large amount of deaths... yikes. According to the book version, the Seattle Times wrote about the attack.
  • In the fourth book “Breaking Dawn,” Bella travels to our city to meet with J. Jenks, a fictitious lawyer who also specializes in forged documents (we legally can’t publicize a real-life equivalent).

Keep your necks covered

We seem to be safe from a wild coven of murderous vampires, but maybe deep down you’re still hoping to meet your own mythical love match. Here’s where your odds might be best.

  • The Founder’s Club | Quiet, dark, and hidden from plain sight — this bar is definitely a favorite amongst the immortal.
  • Gargoyles Statuary | With a mass amount of Gothic wares for sale, our local vampire population is sure to pick up new items for their lairs at the U District shop.
  • Forever Twilight in Forks Festival | This is basically a Woodstock for bloodsuckers + their fans.
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