Where to find sensational crab rolls in Seattle

These places know their crustaceans.

A crab roll on a toasted bun sits on a platter with a lemon wedge on the side

Local Tide’s crab rolls keep thing simple with lemon, mayo, and chopped chives.

Photo via @gordonfoxphotography

Think we’re excited about crabs around here? Shell yeah. While you can find the succulent crustaceans in Seattle all year-long, there’s something about a crab roll that just hits different while the sun is still blazing.

Whether or not you believe a crab roll counts as a sandwich, here are the places serving shellfishly great versions.

Local Tide, 401 N. 36th St. | These Dungeness-stuffed beauties are only available on weekends — get there early since lines can be long.

Seattle Fish Guys, 411 23rd Ave. S. | Central District’s seafood specialist has a full-fledged crab sub topped with Japanese mayo + Sriracha.

Burien Fish House, 133 SW 153rd St. | The special tartar sauce made with diced red peppers takes things up a notch.

The MARKET, 1300 First Ave. | At the Seattle Art Museum’s lunch counter, you’ll get a mix of crab meat sprinkled with Old Bay.

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