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Huge new bird sculpture hovers over Highland Park

‘Where’s the Party: Elevating Nature and Resilience’ depicts a Steller’s jay.


The artist behind this fiberglass bird looked to project “a message of hope.”

Photo via the Seattle Department of Transportation

We’re totally beaking out over the larger-than-life bird now perched in Highland Park. Is it a mutant? A visitor from an avian planet?

Nope — our feathered friend is a 17-ft-tall fiberglass sculpture from King County artist-in-residence Matthew Mazzotta. “Where’s the Party: Elevating Nature and Resilience” depicts a Steller’s jay, a blue-and-black-plumed species found along the coast between California and Alaska.

The project is a collaboration between Seattle’s Department of Transportation and Office of Arts & Culture. In 2022, a panel chose Mazzotta’s concept for its whimsical nature reflecting the area’s proximity to an urban forest.

It got its name in part because Steller’s jays are often referred to as a “party” — seriously, they’re that fun.

Look for the bird at the corner of Highland Park Way SW + SW Holden Street. You can also meet Mazzotta on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 4-6 p.m., during a community celebration.

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