Bumbershoot’s Recess District party was truly hopping

Jump rope, roller skating, and extreme pogo sticking found an audience.

Performers roller skate and double dutch at the Bumbershoot festival in Seattle, WA

Roll Around Seatown rollers danced their way around the Double Dutch Divas.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

Bumbershoot made its big comeback this weekend — and it was a Bumber HOOT (sorry). While performances from the likes of Sleater-Kinney and Band of Horses were the main draw, the side acts rocked, too, bringing back the fest’s roots as a showcase for Seattle Quirk.

We took a hop, skip, and a jump over to the Recess District where there was a groovy roller skating + jump rope mini-block party, followed by extreme pogo sticking.

Over in another corner, a live wrestling match featured a heel named “Macklemore” who threw his “Thrift Store” coat over the ref’s head to loud crowd boos. Amazing.

ICYMI, check out these Recess District performers based locally:

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