Where to find sweet costumes year-round in Seattle

Halloween isn’t the only time you might to dress up — not when you’ll need a costume for ECCC or the Renaissance Fair.


You too can look like an all-powerful wizard with the help of some well-designed fabrics.

Photo by @jack.gillin

Nerds — and we say that as nerds ourselves — know Halloween isn’t the only time you might find yourself in need of a sick costume.

With Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC) right around the corner and Ren Faire in the not-so-far future, many are already on the hunt for their cosplay work. Here are a few local shops that can help you in your journey to look incredible.

⚔️ A Masquerade Costume, Redmond | From capes to giant powdered wigs to chainmail, this store has well-designed pieces to transform the wistful into something wonderful.

⚔️ Red Light Vintage, U District | While finding chainmail may be a bit harder to do here, you’ll certainly have a good time finding time period pieces from the 1920s to the 2000s.

⚔️ Champion Party Supply, Interbay | This shop is more like a classic Halloween-friendly shop, but don’t write it off for a quick solution when ECCC creeps up.

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