We tried Julio Rodríguez’s new cereal JuliO’s

It’s packed with sugar and star power.

A box of JuliO's — the official cereal of Mariners star Julio Rodríguez — on a kitchen counter.

JuliO’s is cool and all, though Ken Griffey Jr. did have his own candy bar.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

Breakfast of champions? No, we’re not talking Wheaties. Mariners sensation Julio Rodríguez now has his own brand of cereal called JuliO’swhat else?

We tracked down a box at a local Fred Meyer and tried it for ourselves. Would these “multi-colored frosted loops” give us the ability to fly through the air and hit monster home runs like J-Rod? Well, still TBD on that — maybe after a nap. They tasted a lot like some other loops we know.

The box also has a coloring contest on the back that tells Rodríguez’s story from the Dominican Republic to the Big Leagues and an explanation that proceeds will go to underprivileged youth in his home country.

But as we were munching on those sugary circles, we were thinking about breakfast items that could be inspired by other local athletes. How about:

Any other suggestions?

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