First Hill’s Museum of Museums to close in September

The quirky, contemporary art museum is closing because of the cost to maintain the 77-year-old medical building.


The Museum of Museums has been home to an eclectic array of exhibits, like one that invited local felines to come explore artistically designed cat towers.

Photo by Janet Galore

Founder of First Hill’s Museum of Museums (MoM) Greg Lundgren has announced that the art venue’s last day will be on Friday, Sept. 1.

Greg announced the closure to MoM members on Tuesday in an email. He explained that the costs to repair the 77-year-old medical building that the museum occupies were too expensive, particularly a plumbing issue that had recently worsened. Way to rain on our parade.

“Please know that we have explored all options to repair this coming event, and that our motivation was to chart a much longer voyage in 900 Boylston,” read the email.

We’ll miss the museum known for quirky exhibits like “Cat Tower” and it’s current “Soft Touch” collection of comforting and touchable artworks — the latter you can still visit. Stop by before the end of the month.

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