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New waterfront artwork is now North America’s largest outdoor mural

The giant mural between Pike Place and Elliott Bay brings attention to restoration efforts and preservation.

A long strip of building features blue paint and close ups of several marine animals faces. Over the building's roof, you can see the Waterfront Ferris Wheel in the background and glimpses of Elliott Bay.

The fresh mural is so vast we couldn’t get it all in one shot — even from afar and with a wide lens.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

A new mural on Waterfront Landings condos at 1950 Alaskan Way is now North America’s largest outdoor mural at just slightly smaller than a football field (to put it in perspective).

Titled “Urban Ecosystem Restoration,” the 42,900-sqft display is part of Street Art for Mankind’s global effort to draw attention to restoration needs for damaged ecosystems.

Copenhagen-based artist Victor Ash painted the sizable mural on the back of the Waterfront Landings, running parallel to Elliott Way.

The side of a long, flat building shows a child swimming underwater between a whale and an orca, with a vibrant school of fish swirling around them. Aspects of the painting lend it a 3-dimensional effect.

The mural’s framing and use of angles creates a convincing 3-D effect.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

Another smaller — but still impressive — mural was also added to the area on a back wall of Elliott Pointe Apartments at 2226 Elliott Ave.

Artist Ardy del Rocio from Guadalajara depicts an orca amid a vibrant school of fish in his work named “Ocean Ecosystem Restoration.”

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