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Award-winning films from the 50th Seattle International Film Festival

As part of the Seattle International Film Festival, these films were recognized as crowd favorites with Golden Space Needle Awards.

A herd of people exit SIFF Egyptian theater's entry after a film screening, while a line of people are queued outside for the next screening taking place. People are spilling out onto the sidewalk and chatting amongst themselves.

SIFF theaters queue people in standby lines outside before a screening starts, filling as many seats as possible.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

Cue the applause — following the conclusion of SIFF’s annual film festival, we now have the results for which productions were voted as fan favorites for the year.

These Golden Space Needle Award recipients were chosen by those who attended festival screenings and can now be streamed on SIFF’s channel through Monday, May 27.

Here are the crowd-winning films from 2024.

Golden Space Needle Award Recipients

A24 film “Sing Sing,” directed by Greg Kwedar, won Best Film. Oscar-nominated actors Colman Domingo and Paul Raci are among the cast portraying this true story of incarceration and self-discovery.

“Porcelain War,” directed by Brendan Bellomo + Slava Leontyev, was recognized as Best Documentary. The doc follows artistic efforts during the on-going Russia-Ukraine war.

Directors Kelly O’Sullivan and Alex Thompson were awarded Best Director for their production of “Ghostlight,” a drama about a construction worker who stumbles into a production of “Romeo and Juliet.” Keith Kupferer’s role also gained him the title of Best Performance.

Best Short Film was awarded to “Jellyfish and Lobster,” directed by Yasmin Afifi. The 20-minute story follows a mischievious elderly couple rediscovering their younger versions in a swimming pool.

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