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Theo Chocolate announces factory closure and other big changes

The local brand is merging with a licorice company.


Theo Chocolate has been a local staple for nearly two decades. | Photo via Theo Chocolate and brownies from @themindfulhapa on Instagram

This is bitter news for local sweets lovers. Beloved Seattle brand Theo Chocolate announced this week that it will merge with the larger American Licorice Company later this year and close its Fremont factory in the fall.

Theo’s flagship shop and confection kitchen at 3400 Phinney Ave. will remain open, however. Plus, you’ll still be able to find the candymaker’s delicious candy bars throughout the city. Whew.

Still, this is a big change for the company founded in 2005, which built a solid rep for its fair-trade sweets in a variety of creative flavors. About 60 members of its team will be let go during the restructuring process as the Seattle manufacturing operation ends.

The factory tours will shut down on Wednesday, Aug. 30 — so if you haven’t gone on one of them already, we highly recommend you do so ASAP.

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