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New Ukrainian cultural center opens in Bellevue

It’ll be open seven days a week to help refugees and celebrate Ukrainian traditions.

Three traditional Ukrainian dresses on display at Ukrainian Cultural Center Toloka in Bellevue, WA

Ukrainian Cultural Center Toloka will be a space for education, in addition to refugee resources.

Photo via Olena Bedenko

On Saturday, Sept. 16, a new Ukrainian cultural center opened in Bellevue at 2050 122nd Ave. NE.

The 700-sqft space brings together 15 different organizations dedicated to celebrating Ukrainian culture + traditions and organizing humanitarian support. It’ll be open seven days a week for activities like language classes, social clubs, and after-school programs for kids.

Since the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Washington state has welcomed 16,000+ refugees who joined a large group already settled here. In fact, Washington has hosted more Ukrainian refugees than any other state over the past decade.

Bellevue’s Ukrainian Cultural Center Toloka will focus on assisting refugees, but anybody can swing by to learn more about the country’s traditions. And if you want to support the new location, there’s a housewarming Kickstarter open.

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