UW Huskies are going to join the Big Ten conference

It’s goodbye to the Pac-12 starting in 2024.

A crowd at the Huskies game on September 17, 2022 with purple smoke rising from the stands and the players emerging from the tunnel

Don’t worry — Husky Stadium will stay the same.

Photo via University of Washington Football

Pack your bags, Huskies — UW is leaving the Pac-12 conference for the Big Ten. Whooooa.

The college sports shakeup became official in a vote on Friday — and will go into effect in the 2024 academic year. This will have a major impact on the school’s athletic programs and creates the largest conference in college football history.

Let’s answer a few burning questions.

What exactly is the “Big” deal?

In the Big Ten, the Huskies will play a different set of schools and go up against the likes of big-time programs like Ohio State and Michigan on a regular basis. The changes would be to all sports, not just football (even though that’s what many reports are focused on now).

UW has been in the same conference since 1915, back when it was called the Pacific Coast Conference. So jumping ship is massive.

Why are they doing this?

Basically, money. The Big Ten generates more media revenue for their members than the Pac-12 does. This means extra cash for the Huskies to spend on things like recruiting, equipment, stadium upgrades — you name it.

Do the Huskies have to change their colors or anything?

Nah, most of their aesthetics will stay the same — except of course for those conference patches on the unis. Seeing UW in the Big 10 could be weird at first, though.

Fans need to get a different channel (the Big 10 Network) if the games are not nationally televised. You’ll recognize some old frenemies like USC, UCLA, and Oregon, but the Huskies will also face a lot of Midwestern squads. Can you say “air miles?”

Wait, what will happen to the Apple Cup?

Since the Washington State Cougars will not be joining the Huskies in the Big Ten, it’s unclear whether the annual rivalry game will continue as we know it. But UW released a statement saying it is “committed” to preserving the tradition in all sports, including football.

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