What are you thankful for in Seattle?

Maybe it’s our beautiful summers or maybe it’s having a baseball team that always keeps you on your toes.

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Personally, we’re thankful for having such a kind and thoughtful audience for our silly little ramblings.

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As we get ready to move into the meat of the holiday season, a lot of us naturally take a moment to slow down, get cozy, and contemplate. What else is this gloomy, chilly weather good for?

Sometimes those thoughts bring us to more melancholy places, but they can be splendidly grateful sentiments as well.

Your answers

We asked what you’re most grateful for in our city. Here’s what you said.

  • “Verdant forests just outside of the city, excellent food from cultures across the globe, cornucopia of fresh seafood, mountains mountains mountains!” — Amy K.
  • “Not having to shovel snow.” — Sandra D.
  • “The sports teams.” — Karen A.
  • “Whenever I’ve been to Seattle, I make sure to visit Capitol Hill to mix and mingle with all of the artists, hipsters, local legends, and of course, the always-thriving LGBTQ community.” — Michael K.M.
  • “I’m grateful for all our colors, never lacking blues and greens around here (even when the sky is grey).” — Britt T.
  • “Grateful for the incredible diversity of this city and the amazing food, experiences and people that brings with it. The International District is just a special place that doesn’t always get the love it deserves. But you can find incredible food all over the city, from food trucks to high end restaurants.” — Emily P.

And here’s what we’re thankful for.

  • “Thankful that I never have to dress up for any special occasion. Just wear a fancy flannel.” — City Editor Gabe
  • “I’m thankful for the never-ending beauty this place seems to hold. I’m never not in awe looking out at the Puget Sound or up at the mountains.” — City Editor Alina

The original question

As we approach Thanksgiving, we’d like to challenge you to use those quiet moments think about all the things that feel right — both in your personal day-to-days and in our city.

What are we really thankful for here in Seattle? Is it:

  • Having the Puget Sound right at our fingertips?
  • The beautiful Mt. Rainier we get to look at during sunny days?
  • Professional sports teams that always keep us on our toes?
  • A community that braces the quirkier parts of our personalities?
  • Or, a climate that makes for the best IPA brewing in the world?

Think about it and let us know. We’ll share our big collaborative, grateful article right before Thanksgiving.

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