Dog parks around Seattle, Washington

In a city that has more pets than children, it’s safe to say we certainly love our furry friends. Dog parks have become an essential part of Seattle’s infrastructure as a way to keep our canine friends healthy and happy.

If you’re looking for a way to safely explore the outdoors with your pup, our roundup of seven local, no-leash dog parks provides plenty of options that include amenities like water taps, seasonal terrain, and double-fenced areas for all types of dogs.

🐾 Warren G. Magnuson Park | 7400 Sand Point Way NE

At 8.6 acres, this is Seattle’s biggest fully-fenced area for pups + the only one inside city limits with access to water at Lake Washington (especially useful during hot summer days). There are winding trails in its open space, along with a small and shy dog area.

🐾 Woodland Park | 1000 N. 50th St.

If your pup is a runner, they’ll love burning some energy at this park. Located on a slope, this one-acre area comes equipped with a drinking fountain, benches, shady trees + a separate section for small and shy dogs.

🐾 Golden Gardens Park | 8498 Seaview Pl. NW

This one-acre, wood chipped space is located in the upper northern portion of the public park. While your dog runs around, you can relax at the tables, benches, or small covered area on rainy days. There are also restrooms nearby.

🐾 Westcrest Park | 9000 8th Ave. SW

This 8.4-acre park is located on a hill and includes a separate area for small and shy dogs. Each area has access to drinking fountains, shade, and plenty of open space. For the humans, there are nearby restrooms, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

🐾 Plymouth Pillars Park | 1050 Pike St.

Here you’ll find a fully-fenced play area with double-gated entrances. The park is surfaced with gravel and provides access to seasonal running water. Owners will need to pack their own waste bags, but there are disposal containers across the park. Note: There is no shelter for humans if it is raining + no separate section for small dogs.

🐾 Denny Park | 100 Dexter Ave. N.

This area located inside the city’s oldest park is fully fenced with double gates at the entrance. The .105 acre park is covered in granolithic gravel, but it’s important to note that the fences are only four feet tall. Stay on your toes if you have a larger or jumpy dog.

🐾 Dr. Jose Rizal Park | 1008 12th Ave. S.

Much of the four-acre park is not fenced — however, there is a fenced dog space near the entrance. You’ll also find grassy fields with a walking trail through the park’s center. Owners should plan on bringing their own water and waste bags when visiting.

Check out this map created by the Seattle Parks and Recreation showcasing all off-leash parks around the city. And be mindful of ways to keep your pup cool when temps climb.