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Espresso Vivace closes its Capitol Hill sidewalk cafe

It’s been a mainstay of Broadway for more than three decades.

Someone holds up a paper cup from Espresso Vivace with the shop's coffee stand on Broadway East in Seattle in the background

There’s no word yet on what will take Espresso Vivace’s place at 321 Broadway E.

Thanks a latte for the memories, old friend. Espresso Vivace’s iconic Capitol Hill sidewalk coffee stand served its final drinks this weekend after 30+ years in business (but don’t worry — Vivace’s Brix Broadway and South Lake Union cafes will stay open).

As many Seattle coffee fans know, Espresso Vivace helped define the caffeinated scene in the city thanks to owner David Schomer’s devotion to science and precision. David literally wrote the book on coffee techniques — and some attribute the popularization of latte art in the US to him.

Espresso Vivace started as a humble coffee cart in the late 80s before the current stand opened. It expanded to two other locations, including the Brix cafe just down the street — the proximity of which may have contributed to the stand’s closure. “We cannot compete with ourselves!” said David.

Though the brand lives on, many will miss Espresso Vivace’s quaint roots and those neon lights on Broadway. Care to share your own Vivace tribute?

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