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Seattle’s first Jollibee opens

The intensely popular Filipino fried chicken fast food chain Jollibee opens its first Seattle location on Friday, June 7.

Taken inside the new Rainier Valley Jollibee location, this photo shows four chicken sandwiches, a few of the peach mango pies, two Chickenjoy buckets, and a tower of Pineapple Quencher sodas. A statue of Jollibee's bee mascot is gesturing enthusiastically at the menu behind the counter in the distance.

Madeline and Alina almost had to roll themselves home after their Jollibee feast.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

The summer is off to a great start for fried chicken fans — the first Seattle Jollibee location opens Friday, June 7 in Rainier Valley.

It’s been a long time coming after news broke in October about the expansion, but the 3820 Rainier Ave. S. fryers are finally piping hot and waiting for your orders.

We got a sneak peak the day before it opened and here are our thoughts if you’ve yet to indulge in the fried, flaky goodness:

  • Alina: Whatever you do, always grab a tub of the gravy. While typically served with the Chickenjoy buckets, you’ll want a serving for your sandwiches, too.
  • Madeline: Mmmm... the spicy chicken sandwich (dipped in gravy like Alina said).

The Rainier Valley Jollibee location will also have a couple of special menu items — be on the lookout for biscuits, mac + cheese, and (later) a beef burger.
The restaurant is open daily 9 a.m.-10 p.m., but expect long lines for the next few weeks as Jollibee enthusiasts finally get their fill.

In other news, keep an eye open for news about more locations. Jollibee North America Marketing Director Nick Bedell said it will almost certainly be opening more Seattle-area locations.

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