Tell us your favorite holiday sweets from Seattle makers

We’re building a local advent calendar.

A gingerbread house that shows local Seattle landmarks and an "S" cookie with Seattle written on it

The Sheraton’s Gingerbread Village display usually has lots of local pride.

Photo via the Sheraton Grand Seattle

Calling all holiday dessert fans. Now that December’s here, visions of sugar plums are dancing in our heads — and we’d love to hear about your favorite local, seasonal sweets.

Whether it’s comforting cocoa, a decorative cake, or cookies perfect for munching near a cozy fire, think of the best Seattle shops that specialize in satisfying our wintertime cravings. (Here’s one crumbly list if you need inspiration.)

Now, put on your Wonka caps and send your picks. We’ll then put together a mini advent calendar in the newsletter later this month, highlighting one terrific dessert each day.

Santa’s already chomping at the bit.


Ready for the treats? Here’s the lineup for the week of Dec. 18 through Dec. 22.

A graphic that says "Local Holiday Treat" followed by the picture of a chocolate hazelnut piroshki

Wow, does this piroshki look tempting or what?

Photo via Piroshky Piroshky

You no doubt know the local puff pastry sensation Piroshky Piroshky for its wonderful flaky namesake. While we love us a good savory piroshki (like salmon or sausage) — those sugary ones are too wonderful to ignore.

Reader @eve.v.p recommended the chocolate cream hazelnut piroshki that the shop always makes around this time of year. Its filling is just the right amount of creamy sweetness without going overboard, while little bits of delightful hazelnuts gives it a seasonal panache.

Grab one at any of Piroshky Piroshky’s three Seattle locations.

A GIF that shows a green-colored graphic that says SEAtoday Local Holiday Treat, 12.19.23, followed by a photo of a raspberry ice cream cone

Molly Moon’s blackberry creme fraiche comes around every winter.

Photo via Molly Moon’s/Graphic via 6AM City staff

Ice cream in the chill of December? Brrrrrring it on — particularly when it’s the blackberry crème fraîche from Molly Moon’s.

Fans of the scoop shop know that the fruity flavor usually pops up every winter. It’s made using blackberries from local Viva Farms mixed with a tangy crème fraîche — all gluten-free.

Molly Moon’s suggest pairing it with lemon curd for brightness, though the ice cream should go well with any dessert spread you have planned for the holidays — particularly, say, a chocolate babka or seasonal pie.

It’s available at all Molly Moon’s locations except for the walk-up window in Madrona. Thank you to reader Miranda S. for the recommendation.

Copy of SEA-AdventHero (2).gif

You’re gonna want a tall glass of milk with this luscious creation.

Photo via @deepsesugar

Many of us get plenty excuses to eat sweets from just the holiday season alone, but some of us get lucky enough to have a birthday during this time of year that leads to rich, decadent flavor options for celebratory cake.

Or, even if you’re not a Sagittarius, you may still find yourself intrigued by this gooey creation from Deep Sea Sugar & Salt. Introducing the Ginger Molasses Cake, featuring a Molasses and Porter beer soak, cream cheese frosting, and dark salted caramel.

Find it at the south Seattle shop’s new location at 6235 Airport Way S. — and stay tuned for their January menu.

A green-colored graphic showing a wintry forest that says SEAtoday Local Holiday Treat, 12.21.23, followed up cupcakes decorated like wreaths, snowmen, and reindeer

Trophy Cupcakes has their frosting game down cold.

Photo via Trophy Cupcakes

Leave it to the geniuses at Trophy Cupcakes to come up with these wonderfully whimsical creations that roll out this time each year.

Readers @danielled_johnson, @dangerbea1325, and @tinytimesphotography gave the 16-year-old shop their seasonal seal of approval — and for good reason.

Each frosted treat is like a work of holiday art. But if cupcakes aren’t doing it for you, Trophy has plenty of other selections you can grab at one of their locations through the end of the year, from Yumfetti minis to party platters laden with colorful macarons.

They all look so good, we’re hesitant to leave any out for Santa — is it naughty to eat them all ourselves?

Copy of SEA-AdventHero (4).gif

These doughnuts look like a perfect place for a nap.

Okay, try not too drool too much. We know these shokupan donuts from Little Jaye in South Park look like what dreams are made of.

Shokupan — also known as milk bread — is a soft white dough known for its springy, spongy quality. And when incorporated into doughnut form, it becomes a perfect holiday morning treat.

You can pick flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon to chew on while you watch the kiddos open their gifts. We recommend getting a big glass of milk or a warm cup of coffee to really round out that experience.

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