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Jerk Shack’s Belltown location permanently closed

Chef and owner Trey Lamont has his eyes on other downtown locations, though.


The Belltown Jerk Shack location closed “temporarily” in August, but now a “For Lease” sign hangs in its window.

Photo by SEAtoday Staff

After opening in 2018, Jerk Shack‘s well-loved Belltown location has closed permanently with a “For Lease” sign now hanging in the window.

The restaurant shut its doors over the summer while owner and chef Trey Lamont focused on opening his new Central District spin off Jerk Shack Kitchen. Lamont hoped the closure would be temporary, starting a GoFundMe in August to support the Belltown location’s potential reopening.

But Lamont said he abandoned those efforts since the building’s landlord is looking to redevelop and could only offer a 13-month lease.

The fast-casual Jerk Shack Kitchen remains open at 1133 24th Ave., and Lamont still hopes to expand to another location with sights on Amazon’s downtown campus. Money from the GoFundMe would go towards the new opening.

The chef also aspires to scale the restaurant farther down the coast.

“There’s not good Caribbean representation on the West Coast,” Lamont said. “I think it’s a market we could dominate.”

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