New sushi counter opens in Issaquah Costco

It’s Costco’s first freshly-made sushi offering in the continental United States.

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A sushi counter is quite the step up from $1.50 hot dogs.

Photo via Shutterstock

You may have thought you already had everything you could want from Costco — cheap hot dogs, discounted electronics, deliciously low cost gasoline. But you might be wrong...

Introducing Costco’s freshly-made, in-house sushi — now available at the Issaquah location.

This new addition is the first of its kind in the continental US and the beginning of a larger plan for expansion across the country, according to the Seattle Times.

The new sushi offerings, while similar to what you can buy in your local Fred Meyer or Whole Foods stores, are different because all the rolls are made entirely by Costco staff who have traveled to Japan to learn from rice masters. Pretty fancy for a warehouse.

The store plans to offer 10 different items per day, with fresh batches out four times a day. Visit the counter during regular service hours — the Seattle Times said it was good, so give it a try.

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