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6 bun-derful burgers around Seattle

Craving a nice, juicy patty? Check out these six burger joints around Seattle to soothe those meat-eating cravings.


Lil Woody’s burgers made it to the Shibuya District in Japan for a reason.

Photo by @gfinthe206

There’s nothing that really hits the spot 100% of the time like a burger (except maybe pizza — we’ll leave that debate up to you).

And what better time to enjoy a nice, juicy hamburger than National Hamburger Day, which is so conveniently coming up on May 28.

So we’d figured we’d prep you for the big day. Here’s where to find some of the best burgers Seattle has to offer.

Loretta’s Northwesterner | South Park
This is the one listing where we know if we didn’t include it, we’d get some angry emails. These smashburgers are so packed with flavor that you won’t want to miss even that last little bite that always has just a pinch of meat on it.

Gainsbourg | Greenwood
This lounge’s Gainsbourger comes with some lamb worked into the patty to give the sandwich (yes, a burger is a sandwich) extra depth in its flavor. The onion confit and potato bun really round out that experience.

The Barking Dog Alehouse | Phinney Ridge
Not sure what kind of burger you’re in the mood for yet? This spot’s got really solid lamb, veggie, and regular ole beef options.

Smash That Burger Co. | Interbay
This one’s for the adventurous eaters. Try out concoctions like the Kimchi Smash, the Chester (a burger that uses grilled cheeses as its buns), and the Peanut Butter, Jam, and Bacon burger.

Lil Woody’s | Capitol Hill, White Center, Ballard, Tokyo
The only burger more quintessential to the foodie scene than Dick’s Drive-In is this locally based chain. Check the menu frequently for specialty burgers like the Trotter, made with bacon, apples, and horseradish sauce (did we just hear a whinny?).

FlintCreek Cattle Co. | Greenwood
Not only are these happy hour burgers only $10, but they’re generally ground from filet mignon. Go ahead and make that rezzy.

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