Fremont’s Lenin statue gets a pumpkin mask

A local artist was behind it.

A pumpkin mask draped over the famous Lenin statue in Fremont, a neighborhood in Seattle

Lenin is giving off some serious Sleepy Hollow vibes.

Oh my gourd — what’s going on here? That’s a creepy, giant pumpkin mask draped over Fremont’s famous Lenin statue.

Before calling the Ghostbusters, know that the impromptu costume was originally a lantern for Fremont’s Luminata festival made by Daniel of Black Jar Follies — a local art maker who specializes in ghoulish crafts. He said the mask is made of cheesecloth stretched over a reed framework, covered in tissue paper.

A quick glance at Daniel’s portfolio also unearthed this seasonally-appropriate gem he directed and co-wrote that may just be our new favorite monster movie: “Squatch on the Rocks!”

It’s a good reminder to be careful if you run into Bigfoot — or any tall pumpkin-headed, hybrid creatures roaming the streets today. Happy Halloween, y’all.

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