10 of the highest paying jobs in Seattle

A new law in Washington should make it easier to find those top local salaries.

The skyline of Seattle at sunset with the buildings bathed in a golden hue.

We’re seeing gold now that Washington’s pay transparency law is in effect.

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Cha-ching. When the calendar turned over to 2023, a new law went into effect in Washington that requires employers to list salary info in job postings. You should now see the lowest and highest possible pay for each position, alongside benefits offered.

That’s good news for Seattleites searching for new gigs with the biggest compensation. Just to make things even easier for you, we found some of the highest paying positions recently listed via ZipRecruiter, many of which are within the city’s top industries.

Happy hunting.

Computer-ish stuff 💻

  • Deep Learning Engineer, Carbon Robotics | $156,568-$211,388 | This position is about testing algorithms — not teaching your Roomba new tricks, apparently.
  • Data Scientist, Seattle Children’s | $166,296 | Calling all number nerds who want to work with clinicians on solving health care needs.
  • Product Manager, AI for Good Lab at Microsoft | $145,800-$238,600 | Basically, it sounds like you’ll be paid to create the complete opposite of the Terminator.
A view of the Starbucks Roastery on Capitol Hill in Seattle

Starbucks is looking for a head honcho at its major roasting operation.

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Food, fashion + hospitality

  • Managing Director, Starbucks Roastery & Reserve | $189,600-$301,000 | Possibly a dream job for coffee lovers who want to be more than just a bean counter.
  • General Manager, Evereve | $18,000 per month | Attention, fashion fiends. This Minnesota-based e-commerce and subscription box brand looks to be hiring locally.
  • Director of Sales, Edgewater Hotel | $120,000-$140,000 | Among the benefits here — complimentary dry cleaning.

Healthy paychecks 🩺

  • Chief Innovation Officer, Mary’s Place | $150,000-$165,000 | The nonprofit focused on women and families facing homelessness has created a position to pilot new initiatives.
  • Neurologist, EvergreenHealth | $259,697-$516,560 | Brainiacs are wanted at the Kirkland medical center.

Fun + games 🎮

  • “Destiny 2” Marketing Director, Bungie | $200,000-$231,000 | We’re geeking out that this video game company wants to build even more hype for their popular first-person shooter.
  • Game Designer for Pokemon GO, Niantic | $112,000-$136,500 | It’s unclear whether you gotta catch ‘em all as a pre-requisite.

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