History of the Pacific Science Center arches

They’re 60 years old and still standing tall

The Pacific Science Center's arches against a clear blue sky

The Pacific Science Center’s five arches were originally designed to be one big structure.

Photo by SEAtoday staff

‘Scuse us while we marvel over the Pacific Science Center arches. After 60 years, they still have that youthful glow. 💡

Built for the 1962 World’s Fair, the ornate structures came from famed arch-itect Minoru Yamasaki. He used elements of Gothic cathedrals and Japanese gardens as inspiration and put ‘em together with the concrete prowess of another pioneer, Jack Christiansen. 🏗️

Minoru also designed the Rainier Tower and was the lead architect for the World Trade Center.

More facts for trivia night:

Wanna learn more about the PacSci visionary? Minoru’s granddaughter Katie recently released a children’s picture book this month celebrating his legacy — a perfect bedtime story for design fans. 📘

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