Tracking home values across the Seattle area

A line chart that shows the growth of home values in the Seattle area since 2000.

Zillow data shows exponential home value growth across major King County cities. | Data via Zillow; chart created through

Zillow recently gave us some data that lists estimated average home values in the greater Seattle region going back to 2000, tracking growth for different cities all the way up to this April. Those lines sure do spike, don’t they?

Though the numbers in the chart above show the month-to-month growth through June 2021, the final rankings for April 2022 (the last month this data was available) look like this:

  • Bellevue: $1,589,571
  • Redmond: $1,475,780
  • Woodinville: $1,407,169
  • Kirkland: $1,257,923
  • Issaquah: $1,233,132
  • Seattle: $984,863
  • Shoreline: $887,039
  • Burien: $670,453
  • Auburn: $625,880

Eastside enclaves like Bellevue, Redmond + Woodinville saw the largest increase, with home value growth of around 450%, 425% and 370%, respectively. Such eye-popping numbers should come as no surprise for those eyeing the recent trends, although it may raise a few eyebrows that Seattle proper ended up in sixth place at the end of this growth chart race.

While there are some signs that this red-hot local housing market in King County could be cooling down, our jaws will remain agape for now.

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