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How local dispensary The Reef Cannabis gives back to the Seattle community

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The Reef

The Reef has three Seattle dispensaries in Georgetown, Capitol Hill, and Bremerton.

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Local dispensary The Reef Cannabis is known for being a coliseum of cannabis — but they also serve our community by supporting local organizations and nonprofits. In fact, The Reef’s Higher Purpose program donates 5% of the company’s profits to various organizations throughout Seattle. Here’s how:

Supporting musicians

Nothing like jamming to your favorite bands with your best buds. Enter: Black and Loud Festival, Seattle’s first alt-rock, afro punk concert that was held in Fremont on Sat., Sept. 10. The Reef sponsored the event as a show of its ongoing commitment to Seattle’s musicians + music scene.

A group of band members performing at Black and Loud Festival.

The free event celebrated the contributions Black artists have made and continue to make in rock music.

Photo provided by The Reef

Taking a stance in support of youth mental health

Did you know? The lead singer of King Youngblood (one of the featured bands at Black and Loud Festival) co-founded a nonprofit organization called Hold Your Crown to shine a light on youth mental health. The Reef Cannabis supports the nonprofit that uses live musical performances and peer-to-peer discussions to show middle and high school students that they are not alone.

A joint effort — how you can get involved

Each quarter, The Reef Cannabis selects three nonprofit organizations to support and allows customers to choose which group their proceeds go to. This quarter, the chosen organizations are: Hold Your Crown, Last Prisoner Project, and PAWS.

With each sale in-store, customers can choose which of the listed organizations they would like a donation from their purchase to go to. The numbers are tallied at the end of each quarter and the funds are donated to each organization accordingly.

The Reef encourages customers to be active participants in the giving program, making it a joint effort (pun intended).


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