What Income Is Considered “Rich” in Seattle?


Here’s a fund fact. According to a recent report from financial data site GoBankingRates, those in Seattle who make at least $186,063 per year are among the city’s top 20% of income earners. Or, as the site likes to call it: “rich.” 💵

That number puts Seattle at No. 4 in the US for such a high wealth threshold, behind only Washington, DC, San Jose + San Francisco.

Still, you may be saying, “$186,063 is rich-ish, but it’s not like ‘Jeff Bezos going to space’ rich.” Does a six-figure salary really go as far as it used to?

Well, let’s crunch some more numbers. 📈

That last stat will likely surprise no one who has shopped for a home in Seattle of late, or seen what other money-related lists the area topped this year. Several of the priciest zip codes in the country are in King County, and Seattle is the 14th most expensive city to rent in.

So, yeah, “rich” may be all relative. But Seattlites aren’t Scrooges either. We also ranked No. 2 on Lawnstarter’s list of most generous cities in America. ❤️

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