Lowest point in Washington still needs a name

Let’s brainstorm some options.

A nautical map that shows Stuart Island in Washington and shipping routes.

There’s a deep glacial gouge a mile from Stuart Island, often passed by tankers and cargo ships.

Photo via NOAA

How low can you go? Pretty darn far, apparently.

A recent KUOW report noted that there’s a place right near Stuart Island (the westernmost part of the San Juans) that qualifies as the deepest place in the state. We’re talking 1,400 ft below sea level.

Known only as the “Turn Point Special Operating Area” per boring government speak, KUOW wonders why this natural wonder doesn’t have a more memorable name like Mount Rainier or Poo Poo Point.

Challenge accepted.

Visiting this mysterious underwater chasm would require a long drive from Seattle and a fancy submarine bus worthy of SpongeBob, but we can still give it some local love from afar.

Suggestions for the “lowest point” moniker coming from a super deep city that loves to brood:

Have any suggestions of your own? Send ‘em along.

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