Taking a mental health day in Seattle

Feeling stressed, burned out, or anxious? Consider taking a day off for your mental health.


Pratt Fine Arts Center classes range from wood block printing to sculpting with metal.

Photo by @spitzattack

We all deserve to take a day to ourselves every once in a while. If you’re feeling less productive, anxious, and stressed out, you might need to take a mental health day.

Just like a sick day when our bodies are under the weather, taking a mental health day allows for a day of rest for our mental well-being.

Here are some ways you can recharge and reset in Seattle.

Get some fresh air 🍃

Temperatures are (usually) mild year-round in the Puget Sound, which means going for a walk is almost always an option. Seward Park is full of winding trails that will give you that out-of-the-city feeling without needing to travel too far.

Looking for something less strenuous? Grab a book or some close friends and sit outside at a local park. During the summer, pick up some food and have a picnic — we love grabbing takeout and enjoying it at Golden Gardens.

Do something creative 🎨

Find something that inspires you or something you haven’t done before to experience creative freedom. Check out an art class from the Pratt Fine Arts Center, sign up for a writing or poetry workshop with Cascadia Poetics Lab, or take a Wine and Wheel pottery class at the Kirkland Arts Center.

Have a lazy day 💤

Sometimes all you need to feel like yourself again is a little R and R. Have an old-fashioned movie night with a rental from Scarecrow Video — then pair it with some gourmet popcorn from Cobb’s Popcorn. Or get extra cozy with a new throw blanket from Eight Generation designed by Native artists.

Looking for additional information or resources about mental health? NAMI Seattle has a list of local resources for counseling, support groups, and crisis lines.

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