Meredith Grey says goodbye to Seattle

The ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ doc is moving to Boston to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.


Meredith Grey is leaving to find a cure for Alzheimer’s — some excuse.

Photo via ABC/Disney

Okay, we’re gonna need a tub of ice cream and tissues, STAT. Tomorrow night, Seattle’s most beloved fictional surgeon, Meredith Grey, is leaving us. *Sob*

After 18 years and 400+ episodes, the main character of “Grey’s Anatomy” is moving from the Emerald City to Boston, bidding goodbye to the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital gang in the Thursday, Feb. 23 episode (9 p.m. on ABC). 📺

Though Meredith is departing, don’t expect the whole “Grey’s” crew to pack up, too. The show is still going strong depicting the action in Seattle, and there’s a new crop of drama-loving interns. Even after Thursday’s episode, actress Ellen Pompeo will continue doing voice overs and may pop in from time to time.

Guess she just can’t quit us. And why would she? Since 2005, the show has shown Seattle in all its glory (even though most interior shots are filmed in LA). Let’s take a tour.

Local moments

Did you know “Grey’s” takes place at a version of Harborview Medical Center? You’ll also recognize landmarks around town throughout the show including:

  • The Queen Anne house | Dance parties aplenty happened at 303 Comstock St., the house Mer shared with seemingly dozens of people in her early days. It’s a real address, btw.
  • Poo Poo Point | Ah, remember Derek and Meredith’s dream house? Exterior shots were filmed here with Lake Sammamish in the background.
  • The ferries | The Seattle skyline has gotten many glamour shots over the years from boats, with Meredith’s hair flowing in the breeze.

Still the best coast

Meredith is actually the second doctor to depart Seattle for Boston this year after Frasier Crane. Should we take this personally? There are two new lobstah roll places here now — and with all the great coffee around, we’re basically the real Beantown. We see you and love you BOStoday, but stop stealing our characters.

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