What new Seahawks coach Mike Macdonald needs to do right away

We have tips to get in the good graces of locals.

New Seahawks' coach Mike Macdonald in a blue blazer and black t-shirt stands in an office next to a chair that has a Seahawks logo on it

On arrival in Seattle, coach Mike Macdonald told reporters, “We’re going to have a lot of fun.”

Photo by Edwin Hooper courtesy of the Seahawks

Get excited, 12s — the Seahawks finally landed a new head coach. The team has hired Baltimore defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald to take over the role vacated by the legendary Pete Carroll.

At age 36, Macdonald is now the youngest head coach in the NFL. Consider that Carroll was the oldest coach at 72 and you can see that the Seahawks are changing things up a bit.

Fans will love the defensive know-how Macdonald brings. But the young’n will still need to get in Seattleites’ good graces in other ways. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Sell off every umbrella he has (we don’t roll like that)
  • Practice saying “the mountain’s out”
  • Pay respects to the Pete Carroll Gum Wall mural
  • Beat the pants off the Niners, no matter what

We compiled a full list of unwritten Seattle rules in case you need the playbook, coach. We’re rooting for ya.