New American Girl dolls are from 90s-era Seattle

Twins Isabel and Nicki are part of the brand’s ‘historical collection’

"American Girl" dolls Isabel and Nicki from the brand's "historical collection."

These two may have been pioneers in creating the Gum Wall.

Photo via Mattel

Awww, look at these adorable, “historical” dolls that are from… *checks notes*... the late 90s in Seattle. Oof.

Yeah, we officially feel weirdly old now that American Girl has released two historical collection dolls from an era that we very clearly remember. The fraternal twins — named Isabel and Nicki — have backstories set in the Emerald City circa 1999. You know, wayyyy back in the annals of history. Among their traits locals of a certain age may relate to:

  • Skater-style accessories (perhaps from 35th Avenue)
  • Transparent mini backpack reminding us of the Westlake Mall
  • Nicki’s love of grunge — though she’s likely too young for a Mudhoney show

And, why yes, there is an animated series coming soon — thanks for asking. You can also check out a virtual museum to play around with colorful stickers, frames, and other 90s-era nostalgia like you would an ancient relic. Excuse us while we hit the spa.

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