Photography exhibit ‘Outcry’ comes to Seattle

It runs from Thursday, Jan. 12 to Thursday, March 16.

The "Outcry" exhibit featuring portraits of women screaming.

“Outcry” has been touring the country for the past few years.

Photo: Whitney Bradshaw, “Outcry” Installation, McCormick Gallery, Chicago, IL., July 2021

Look, we could all use a good scream these days. Even better? Your yellin’ can be a work of art. Eat your heart out, Edvard Munch. 😱

Chicago-based photographer Whitney Bradshaw is bringing her “Outcry” project to town — a series of portraits showing women in the process of letting out a nice, cathartic shout. She started the night of the Women’s March in 2018 and it’s grown to 400+ portraits since.

The exhibit will make its PNW debut at the Photographic Center Northwest. Whitney is also hosting an “scream session” on Friday, Jan. 13 at the center, leading a select group through practice roars and then taking individual snapshots to be used in a future version of the show.

The session is limited to 15 women and is already full, but there is a waiting list.

Need inspiration? Just think about:

  • Pre-5 p.m. sunsets
  • Rush hour traffic on I-5
  • A world without coffee

“Outcry” is on display to the public (for free) from Thursday, Jan. 12-Thursday, March 16.

UPDATE, Tues., Jan. 10: This article was updated to clarify that the “scream session” has a limited number of participants and is full with a waitlist.

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