How to prepare for power outages

Stock up on flashlights, easy-to-prep foods, and board games.

Tree down Bellevue

The highest ever wind speed recorded in Seattle was 150 mph on October 12, 1962.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Whoa, it’s been pretty blustery lately, huh? *Pulls hair out of mouth*

The Puget Sound pelted us this week with 55 mph winds, which resulted in 300,000 people in the area lost electricity. Even after the big wind storm, there were still outage issues in the city.

With cold weather bringing higher risk for power outages, here are some tips on how to prepare in case you find that your light switch stops working for a bit.


✅ Keep your refrigerator and freezers closed.
✅ Unplug appliances and electronics to avoid a surge when power is restored.
✅ Keep doors and windows closed to preserve heat.
✅ Use your car to charge electrical devices (unless that car is in a closed garage... yikes).
✅ Check on your neighbors.

Do not...

❌ Use a gas-powered stove to heat your home (don’t add CO poisoning to your list of problems).
❌ Use your generator indoors.

Supplies to keep on hand

❄️ Ready-to-eat canned or preserved foods like beef jerky or protein bars.
❄️ Water — store a gallon per person per day the power is out.
❄️ Flashlights — especially solar-powered or hand-cranked ones
❄️ First aid kit (of course).
❄️ Blankets and other warm, cozy layers.

Surviving the boredom

Once you’re safe and snug, Dull-sville can be the next major hurdle to tackle. Here are a few options.